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by:Ruitai      2020-03-11
How to choose and buy kitchen knives? A, see material pledge: look from the material, are divided into iron, stainless steel knife, kitchen knife iron steel knife, pure steel knife. Blade: B, look at the kitchen knife edge method is divided into the machine and manual edge, edge so single in terms of sharpness, steel hardness is higher, the edge degree, smaller parts down radian is more soft and nonlinear straight edge of a kitchen knife will be faster, better use. Good kitchen knife edge must be straight flat, without gap. C, see the handle: the main material with wooden handle, engineering plastics, steel shank etc. , have their own advantages. Generally do better stamping forming a kitchen knife grip with more refined; Good kitchen knife handle must have good impact strength and surface hardness, there is a good size and stability, and secondly also has certain chemical resistance and good electrical insulation, moreover, is feeling better grip, smooth and bright does not hurt the hand, have prevent slippery design. D, kitchen knife light, thin is also very critical. Iron thin copper thin ring, 'fast', brass instruments, the greater the thinner percussion voices; Metal cutting tools, the thinner the sharp, emphasizing the kitchen knife blade must be thin, thin blade is sharp, and they often say 'the trotters light knife'. Classification of kitchen knives, very much, not the same classification, at the time of purchase, selection method is also different, people in the choose and buy when, must go to a big shopping malls and stores, learn how to choose and buy kitchen knives, such selected product can make people more at ease, make a good use.
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