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by:Ruitai      2020-03-22
Every family has a kitchen knife, but you really understand the kitchen knife? In most families, and only a handful of big board kitchen knife, the knife is needed to cut food, also need to cut the meat, but also be used to stick a fruit, with a kitchen knife to cut iron orange friends should know, iron kitchen knife cut oranges will have a rust taste. Chopper or actually need to differentiate between simple according to the purpose. What are the kitchen in the Chinese family? Wenwu knife: military dao belongs to a more universal kitchen knife, wen can slice cutting wire dicing, if you just want to put a kitchen knife in the kitchen and civil-military DaoHui is a good choice. But everything must be balanced way, each item is not particularly outstanding, if you want to kitchen knife in their respective areas are the most outstanding works, prepare a knife, a cut would be a good treatment. Wenwu knife cut osteotome: chop osteotome due to the main purpose is to cut the bone, so the whole DaoHui compares massiness, edge Angle will be relatively large. And it's not rectangular shape of the rules of the cutting head is slightly upward, partly to increase the weight of the cutting head, let whole center of gravity, so to will be more efficient to chop up the bone. Knife cut treatment: before the knife blade tip after wide, base triangular, lighter weight, its main purpose is to pick out tendons, bone, peeling, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, etc. The knife is just average household kitchen common a kitchen knife. Extensive and profound Chinese culture, food culture is consistent, also is varied, full of beautiful things in the kitchen tools. Every Chinese kitchen knife has its own place, each kitchen knife are hidden behind a little-known story. Neff knives, focus on the art table, let your Chinese style kitchen knife also become different.
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