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by:Ruitai      2020-03-14
Tools are essential tools in the kitchen, it could not be omitted in the life. But do you know that dao with what? The how to choose the cutting tool used in different places, below small make up just to tell you.     According to the integrated steel knife edge points and steel knife; According to the materials of carbon steel, stainless steel, high carbon stainless steel knife and so on.     Many different kinds of cutting tools, according to the use of the function can be divided into cut in two, slicing knife, vegetable knife, plane skin dao, ham, tomato, watermelon dao, bread knife, multi-purpose cutter, etc. ;     (1) : cut treatment is used to cut bone.     (2) slicing knife: used for cutting the food, but not cutting frozen meat.     (3) multi-purpose knife: especially suitable for cutting fish fillet, etc. , and have a variety of purposes.     (4) plane knife: used for planing skin of fruits and vegetables.     (5) the ham knife: for cutting meat ham, etc.     6. Watermelon dao: used for cutting the skin thicker the melon and fruit, the fruit is bigger.     All landowners bread knife: for cutting has the hard skin soft food.     Choose tools should pay attention to the following points.     (1) a smooth surface. Can only be truly has the rust resistance tool surface smooth effect.     (2) sharp blade. To sharp edge, flat, no gap.     (3) use comfortable. The handle to humanized design, grip comfort.     (4) the use of safe. The handle to have prevent slippery design, won't hurt to sell user.     That is about the choice of kitchen knives, I believe you have seen it, will have more understanding to buy a knife.
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