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by:Ruitai      2020-03-09
Cold rolling in recrystallization temperature below called cold-rolled, hot-rolled coil as raw material, is commonly used in the acid pickling to remove oxide skin after cold rolling, the finished product is hard, because of cold work hardening caused by deformation of continuous cold rolling hard roll strength, increase hardness, toughness and plastic index decreased, so the stamping performance will deteriorate, can only be used for simple deformation of the parts. Hard coil can be used as a raw material, hot dip galvanized factory for hot dip galvanizing unit Settings are annealed wire. Hard volume weight in 20 - in general 40 tons, steel coil, at room temperature for continuous rolling of hot rolled pickling volumes. Cold rolled product features: because there is no after annealing treatment, the hardness is very high ( HRB is greater than 90) , mechanical processing performance is poor, only simple have directivity is less than 90 degree bend processing. Simpler, cold-rolled, is on the basis of hot-rolled coil processing rolling out, in general is hot rolled - - - - - - - - - - - - - Pickling - - - - - - - Phosphate - - - - - - - Saponification - - - - - - - Cold rolled the processing procedure. Cold rolling is under the status of the processed by hot rolling plate, while in the process of machining for rolling will make the steel plate temperature, nonetheless called cold rolling. Because of the hot rolled through continuous cold variant of cold rolled in mechanical performance is poorer, hardness is too high, so must pass through annealing to restore its mechanical properties, without annealing is hard. Hard coil is commonly used to do without bending, stretching products, 1. Below zero thickness on both sides of the hard good luck or quadrilateral bending. Cold rolled generally after annealing treatment. Must be used in the process of cold rolling cold rolling oil, the benefits of using cold rolling oil are: 1, effectively reduce the friction coefficient, provide the corresponding rolling force, rolling low energy consumption, a satisfactory rolling parameters; 2, make high surface brightness and uniform thickness of rolling delay; 3, good cooling effect, can quickly take away the hot rolling, protect roll and rolling piece. Annealing performance good, won't produce oil burning phenomenon; 4, have a short-term anti-rust performance, can provide the temporary rust protection of rolled pieces. Hot rolled hot-rolled ( 热轧) Belong to the hot working of rolling process. Hot rolled high production efficiency, large scale, less energy consumption, low cost, high degree of mechanization, automation, suitable for mass production in a row, is one of the most important metal pressure processing way. Hot rolled by processing the metal deformation resistance is low and the plastic and widely used. But since the rolled piece temperature is not easy to evenly when rolling, tin oxide surface exist, product size accuracy and surface roughness are less cold rolled products. Is the main equipment for hot rolling mill. Used in hot rolling mill is a lot of more phyletic, there are two roll mill, three roll mill, roll mill of slaughter, four high rolling mill, Y type rolling mill, two-high skew rolling mill, three-roll skew rolling mill, cross rolling mill, universal mill and all kinds of special mill and so on. According to the requirements of the production of varieties of products, product quality, production, site conditions, etc. , there are many forms of rolling mill of hot rolling workshop layout, such as single machine layout, single or multiple columns of open-train arrangement, tracking plan, rolling type layout, chessboard type is decorated, etc. Hot rolling production process generally include raw materials preparation, heating, rolling, finishing and so on several big process. Hot rolling can be used for rolling steel ingot or big billet, production of large size products. Like a big ingot to rolling 70 t in and around 50 t big billet, produce the thickness of 500 mm thick plate, seamless steel pipe of 1070 mm in diameter, 1200 mm x 530 MMH steel and 78 kg/m rails, etc. In the hot rolling process, the rolled piece temperature gradually reduce, material deformation resistance increase gradually, eventually cannot make hot place. So it's not the size of the hot rolled products may be too small, can only be 1 mm thick sheet of rolling, 20 mm diameter seamless steel pipe, diameter of 5. 0 mm wire, etc. Line. So it's not the size of the hot rolled products may be too small, can only be 1 mm thick sheet of rolling, 20 mm diameter seamless steel pipe, diameter of 5. 0 mm wire, etc. Hot rolling can have a large production capacity, annual output of 6 million t of rough rolling mill, if any, with annual capacity of 6 million t hot rolled DaiGangChang etc. Hot rolled products can be divided by cross section shape characteristics of hot rolled strip, hot rolled seamless steel pipe, hot rolled steel and special steel hot rolling four classes. Hot rolled by rolling way is mainly divided into longitudinal rolling, skew rolling and rolling. The difference between the cold rolled and hot rolled, cold rolled into sections 1 to allow local buckling section, which can make full use of the bar buckling bearing capacity after; Local buckling and hot rolled steel does not allow cross section. 2, the causes of hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel residual stress is different, so the distribution of cross section also have very big difference. Cold-formed thin-walled steel cross section on the residual stress distribution is curved, and hot rolled steel or welded steel residual stress distribution on cross section is a thin film. 3, hot rolled steel free torsional rigidity is higher than cold rolled steel, so the torsion properties of hot-rolled steel is better than cold rolled steel.
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