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by:Ruitai      2020-03-17
Believe that everyone knows the kitchen tools is essential in the process of cooking tools, if there is no cutting tool, it is hard to have prepared a lot of ingredients of the kitchen, but everyone has how much understanding for kitchen knife, friends you don't often cooking users may only know the kitchen have a fruit knife and kitchen knife, actually needed by the kitchen knives is there are many types, so in the following article we will kitchen unusual required tool is roughly divided into the following to introduce you to, then to learn together. 1, slicing knife, the blade length: 7 - 15 cm function: this sword can only be used to cut food, such as vegetables or cooked food, free cutting, generally not suitable for don't thaw frozen meat. 2, cut in two: the blade length: 15 22 cm function: just as its name implies is used to cut off some crack and other hard food, after all, the strength should be fierce, general knife is not easy to be cut, even it is easy to hurt the knife, can become dull. 3, cut knife, blade length: 15 About 30 cm, 20 cm length is the most commonly used function: this tool can be chopped and cut, but when slicing, no special cutting blade, but this kind of tool is not suitable for cutting big bone, in general, it is a good choice, meat filling. 4, fruit knife, the blade length: 6 - 10 cm function: the kitchen used commonly is used to peel vegetables and melon fruit knife, sword, after all, hard to avoid can feel a bit not convenient to operate, or the sword and much more.
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