Stainless steel cutting tool material processing need to pay attention to what -Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-22
1, the processing of stainless steel, because of the cutting force is bigger, so the tool holder must have sufficient strength and rigidity, so as not to happen in the process of cutting chatter and deformation. This requires appropriate large cross-section of tool holder, at the same time should also be made of high strength material to make tool rod, such as conditioning treatment using 45 # steel or steel no. 50. Cutting part 2, the processing of stainless steel, tool geometry, the general should be used after Angle, Angle of options to consider. When choosing anterior horn, want to consider volume crumbs slot type, presence of chamfering and blade Angle of dip Angle of the positive and negative factors such as the size. No matter what kind of cutting tools, processing must be used when stainless steel larger rake Angle. Increase cutting tool rake Angle can reduce the chip cutting off and clear the process encountered resistance. To the Angle of choice is not very strict, but shoulds not be too small, after serious friction Angle is too small easy and workpiece surface, worsen processing surface roughness, speed up the tool wear. 3, improve the tool cutting part of the surface finish can reduce friction, the chip formation crimp tool durability. Compared with the processing of ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel processing cutting dosage should be reduced to slow the tool wear; While selecting the appropriate cooling lubricants, in order to reduce the cutting heat and cutting force in the cutting process, extend the service life of cutting tools.
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