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by:Ruitai      2020-03-16
Kitchen knife has a lot of kinds, both a kitchen knife and cut in two, or is a fruit knife, use for a long time will face the same problem, that is tool dull, no longer sharp, neff tool small make up today with a kitchen knife, for example, to tell you a few make a kitchen knife sharp tips again. Knife sharpening of the most common is to use knife sharpening, grasp well, however, may become more blunt, finish grinding the kitchen knife sharpening, need to master the two tips. 1, the first grinding blade. To make a kitchen knife knife and 3 ° - to the grindstone 5 ° Angle ( The smaller the Angle, cutting the energy) When the knife back and forth, the Angle of basic unchanged. 2, grinding blade surface outside again. Make a kitchen knife and 5 ° - to the grindstone 8 ° Angle, cut off the blade surface to ensure the food can be smoothly with a kitchen knife separation, but also shoulds not be too big. The bottom of the bowl knife ( In addition to the bowl, also can use white porcelain, are recommended, ceramic, glass and so on. ) If there is no whetstone in the home, still can use porcelain bowls to replace, invert her porcelain bowls, using coarse particles at the bottom of the knife. Holding the handle, let the blade surface and the bottom is about 20 ° Angle. A circle at the bottom of the ceramic is very hard and rough, similar to the grindstone. Blade and porcelain bottom produce very big friction, so you can sharp knife grinding. Sandpaper if there is no whetstone, sand can also make a simple grindstone. Use sand paper wrapped like a rolling pin cylindrical objects, can be temporary knife bar. Polishing technique of tilting Angle of 20 °, double-sided grinding up over and over again. Can also directly to the sand paper to grind flat to the table, the table or the edge of the cutting board, convenient you better to hold the handle and sand paper to sharpen. As cut off from the sand paper thin layer feeling, about 20 ° Angle, without great effort to grind, as long as the magnitude of the stable. Old newspapers at home mugs, sand paper all have no, how to do? ! Don't panic, old newspapers have! ! ! ! Newspaper pages of black ink, from knife to the friction point back and forth several times. Newspaper black ink of the effect of graphite, similar to a very fine polishing agent. The sand on the knife sharpening effect, can let the sharp knife surface. Kitchen knives knife sharpened up not only with the grindstone, these methods all can use, small make up personally tried, really work, grinding out the kitchen knives will become very sharp, cutting knife. The warm prompt: after grinding, remember to rinse the knife!
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