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by:Ruitai      2020-03-21
Bread need toothed cutter, cut bone need to cut in two, to kill pig kill pig knife, the USES of the different also have different big knives, kitchen knife material choice to consider various factors, according to the selected kitchen knife use choice is suitable for the kitchen. What's most useful materials of kitchen knives? Although there are many types of kitchen knife on the market, but the chopper chopper is divided into the following material: 1, carbon steel, the traditional Chinese style kitchen knife is made of carbon steel, ordinary spring steel can easily make 62 HRC hardness of the blade, stability is very good, but because of the difference of microstructure, the carbon steel knife sharpened up more easily than stainless steel knife, the cutting force is better. 2 of markov shape steel, stainless steel knife is the mainstream of household kitchen knife. 3 cr13, namely have 0. 13% 3% of the carbon, chromium, and added molybdenum and vanadium refining grain, Cr before the number represents the amount of carbon in steel, carbon knife harder, the more the price is relatively higher, is the lowest 3 cr13 steel kitchen knife, since there is no add molybdenum and vanadium, so keep sex than 3 cr13mov. 3, high alloy steel, some high-end performance of alloy steel families use some waste, the steel VG10, a stable good steel. 4, pottery and porcelain ceramic knife is characterized by very high hardness, and stability will not react with the ingredients, will never rust. But ceramic knife is not considered a warrior with god knife, its disadvantage is very fragile, it is easy to collapse, and barely able to grinding, is ordinary grindstone grinding the knife, so no need to use the knife to cut things. What material of cutting tool is best? In fact this small make up also is bad to say, different materials of cutting tool advantages and disadvantages are different, the choice of the cutting tool material should be used according to actual, of course also want to choose according to his be fond of, want resistance to the introduction of small make up to be.
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