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by:Ruitai      2020-03-17
Knife is a tool for we cannot do without in our daily life, but now the dao class is more and more diverse, kitchen knives ceramic knife is also known as 'noble knife'. The emergence of the ceramic knife has a long history, first appeared in Europe, Germany and the UK appears the earliest, the start of the ceramic knife is made of alumina, but this kind of ceramic knife is used for industrial cutting, did not reach of the family of everyday people. Around the year 1950 to the ceramic knife in the industrial application has got a wide range of applications. With the emergence and development of new materials, people has carried out thorough research to its, in the 80 s, a new material has been widely promotion and application of zirconium oxide, zirconium oxide of the many advantages of think its good performance, in the process of the production of ceramic knife people try to use a mixture of zirconia and alumina by high temperature calcination, got the ceramic knife in the true sense now, wear-resisting, sharp, easy to clean, and many other advantages. Ceramic knife hardness ceramic knife is mostly in a 'zirconium oxide nanomaterials. With zirconia + aluminum oxide powder with the weight of 300 tons of billet with mold pressed into the knife, sintering of up to 2000 degrees Celsius, and then use the diamond polishing after the match on the handle is made into the finished product ceramic knife. Ceramic knife mohs hardness of 9, second only to the hard substance in the world ─ ─ the diamond ( Mohs hardness for 10) 。 — — Baidu encyclopedia advantages: high hardness, high sharpness, don't need often knife, cut the meat cut fruits and vegetables cleanly. Clean: cut the ingredients do not need to use detergent can be rinsed clean, do not need to wipe dry, will not rust, not bacteria. Not easy to change color after cut fruit, no metal taste. Disadvantages: high hardness, there will not be cut, cutting frozen meat, pumpkin such hard objects. Blade is easy to wear and use after a period of time will appear on the edge collapse, due to the high hardness is very difficult to sharpen, will send you back to the factory, mill, but time a month or so back and forth, plus freight almost can buy a new. Without falling, the fall did not have. If more rapid at ordinary times, it is not recommended to buy ceramic knife. Blade is too light, not make force. Sharp degree and maintain good senior tool is slightly difference, compared with most of the Japanese, German type cutting tools are now 15 ° knife, ceramic knife as common in 20 ° more brittle edge Angle. Ceramic knife knife type less, basically be the chef knife, santoku knife, fruit knife, and a short bread knife. Ceramic knife itself is fragile, easily broken blade too long, so the knife type is given priority to with short. This is the reason why I said is very suitable for used as a fruit knife. Ceramic knife is suitable for the crowd, 1) Baby: because the baby from the resistance is weak, we give him feeding food also should pay attention to the cleanliness of food, the surface of the stainless steel knife there are a lot of wool stoma will store the juice, so breeds bacteria to harm human body safety, so use this antibacterial ceramic knife cutting tools, can be very good guarantee the baby food nutrition and a healthy diet. ( 2) Always passivation, cooking enthusiasts: a lot of stainless steel knife for our usual processing delicate, nice food always some influence, by using the ceramic knife can cut meat like mud in the experience, cut into the meat as thin as cicada. ( 3) The quality of life: if you pursue quality life certainly cannot lack a ceramic knife, it can bring you health, fashion, delicate life experience. Proposal: above all ceramic knife all advantages to fruit knife, stainless not blunt, but want a pair of all - 在- - - - - - One of the kitchen knife suggest or traditional stainless steel of choose and buy.
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