Why can't make it hollow out the kitchen knife? - Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-19
First of all, if is Chinese style kitchen knife hollow out, can't take garlic and use knife cut surface transport food. And hollow out, after the kitchen knife didn't certain weight, with the help of the weight of the knife cutting food. If it is a western chef knife, blade is relatively narrow, hollow out light, again with it didn't feel. For cutting hard a little food, may lead to blade pressure variant. Pattern hollow out, if in order to look good, but do lead to high cost, and slick, clean is not convenient. Cut the meat, food at ordinary times, flushing water, polishing the dry, or dry hung on tool rest yourself. Maintenance free, good care. If hollow out, cut up vegetables, meat, chicken, duck and so on. Vegetable juice, blood flow and so on go astray to the hollow out, the results in order to clean the hollow out of position, but also specially to pick clean. That is a waste of time? Based on the above all kinds of practical reason, the knife is used to cut food, cook, isn't there nice collection of kitchen knife, don't use hollow out design. Good kitchen knife is to heavy hand, bigger, to sharp, smooth surface, good cleaning.
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