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by:Ruitai      2020-03-07
Maintain a kitchen knife knife when recognized is the most difficult step. To whet knife, you must use high quality grindstone or grinding wheel, also need to sharpen the skills, for example of finding the right knife blade Angle, know how much is the degree of the sharp blade. Now more and more chefs began to challenge the right knife skills, they try to grind knives, more understanding and more adapt to its sharpness. Now let's talk about the two ways of knife simply, you will be able to operate at home. General kitchen knife knife method using grindstone, whetstone sharpening love is sparing chef knives. Millstone machine principle is that it is more hard than the steel on the surface of the disc cutter, when it with a kitchen knife blade of friction, a layer of surface can be easily cut. Sharpening the kitchen knife is sharp and durable. Natural oil stone, white corundum grinding wheel, the most common natural oil stone, tiny granule diameter, mesh number about 2000, moderate hardness, suitable for brother dao, forging sandwich soft grinding surface such as a kitchen knife. Natural oil stone natural oilstone ordinary household stainless steel kitchen knife is more suitable for choose white corundum stone. Its hardness is higher than the natural oil stone, steel is high, low meat quickly, eat iron. This double millstone is especially suitable for family use. It has two surface coarse grinding and fine grinding. Even new learn to sharpen people can dull knife. Double-sided double-sided grindstone when knife sharpening, place the blade on the stone, the Angle of about 20 degrees. Take it from the handle near the edge of the 5 - to the point 10 times. Ensure that the entire blade sharp every time. After the side grinding, repeat, and then grind the other side. Whet knife method refer to reference the Angle of the knife knife method is very important. It determines the sharpness of the you want. The smaller the Angle, the more sharp blade. Daily knife, only need to follow the mill knife factory perspective. If you can't find a good point of view, or it is difficult to keep a fixed Angle, had better choose a professional knife sharpener or send it to the manufacturer. Sharpener knife knife is a newly developed tool, is very suitable for lazy people. Fast is its advantage. Grinding machine consists of two parts, coarse grinding and fine grinding, used to repair and reinforce the blade leaf. Sharpener sharpener method of use: coarse grinding 5 times, fine grinding with 5 times. Many enterprises advocate three seconds sharpening method is refers to it. In case of an emergency, knife grinder is your saviour. As a guest in the home, there are a lot of food to deal with, only to find that a knife cannot cut, crazy? At this point, as long as in a pencil sharpener on ten times, you can immediately restore the sharpness. You can cut vegetables. Many knife powder will recommend the millstone, as a matter of fact, many excellent domestic stone, can meet the needs of the household and business. Such as resistance to provide the knife tools, also can have knife method is introduced. The novice can discuss more, choose suitable methods. Knife sharpening is a technical work, it is very difficult, the blade will be addictive, once mastered, you will be able to bring out the closet kitchen knife grinding.
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