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by:Ruitai      2020-03-11
The housewives cook everyday use knife, how is more efficient to use a knife, how to cut out things better. Today to share with you tips to use a knife, cut different things, there are different methods. The faster the skillfully cut fish fish. Fish meat thin, short fiber and easy to broken. Cut the fish skin should be down, blade Angle, follow the best bones, cut up to clean. So whether it is boiled fish soup, fish, steamed fish after shape are complete. Celery - Dao qiao can cut the fat fat dipped in cold water first, and then put on chopping board, sprinkle some cold water while cutting. This cut fat not only save Labour, fat also won't stick on the board. Slice beef beef to crosscutting opportunely, because of the large beef tendon, and follow the meat fiber texture mixed, meanwhile, if you don't watch carefully is cut casually, many tendon will be whole to keep within the shredded meat. Like to chew the fry the beef is hard to move. Skillfully cut the cake with a blunt knife cut the birthday cake or cream cakes, and before the cut to put knife dipped in warm water, wipe the knife edge, can also use butter, which will help cut the cake on his sword. Cut bread if you want to cut the bread, can cut knife heat again first. Such both neither can make bread is pressed and glued together, also won't cut loose slag, no matter the thickness can be cut very well. Skillfully cut cut preserved eggs preserved egg yolk often encountered when glued on the live condition, broken egg good looks do not say, live also very good. If you want to eat soft-boiled egg: 1. Preserved egg first strip shell. 2. The boiling water poured on his sword. 3. With warm owner. on back cut preserved egg, egg yolk will not stick. It is important to note that in order to cut the preserved egg beautiful, after several cutter need poured water on the knife back again. If no requirements for preserved egg yolk: 1. Will go to shell preserved egg. 2. The preserved egg directly soaked in boiling water for 1 minute. 3. With a knife cut into wedges, egg yolk by coagulation, heated when cutting is not loose.
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