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by:Ruitai      2020-03-06
About kitchen knives steel, choose good dao should first learn to understand the material of metal, so that we can through a variety of cutting tools made of steel quality compared to choose the more suitable for their own use comfortable kitchen knife. Tool steel, — Elements. Actually not complex, read the following explanation, will understand. According to industrial standard, iron and steel is iron carbon alloy, the difference only lies in the carbon content of different, general carbon content less than 0. The call pure iron, wrought iron or content of 2% at 0. 2 - 1. 7% of the steel, content in 1. More than 7% of pig iron. More iron high hardness, carbon content and poor toughness. With less carbon in steel, hardness is a bit poor, but the tensile strength is much better. Battle-hardened is folded forging iron repeated heating, make steel group dense, homogeneous, impurities, so as to improve the quality of the steel process. Other elements will make different is added to iron in iron have different features. ·C - Content of carbon, can increase the hardness and strength, can reduce the ductility and corrosion resistance, high Cr - Chromium, chromium can produce a kind of invisible but very dense chromium oxide film, prevent corrosion of steel, the cutting tool durability. That's the beauty of stainless steel. · Ni- Nickel, can increase the high temperature strength, corrosion resistance, reduce the rate of cold hardening, the 430 stainless steel: + 12% or more of the chromium iron, can prevent oxidation caused by natural factors, called stainless steel, in jis, code-named 430, therefore also known as the 430 stainless steel. But 430 stainless steel could not resist the chemicals in the air caused by oxidation, 430 stainless steel is not commonly used after period of time, will still be due to factors other than natural oxidation ( Rust) The situation; · 18- 8 stainless steel, chromium iron + 18% + 8% nickel, chemical resistance of oxidation, the stainless steel in jis code for 304, so also known as the 304 stainless steel; · 18- Stainless steel: but the chemical composition in the air more and more, some places with high levels of pollution even 304 will be rusty; So some advanced articles will use 10% of the nickel to make, in order to make it more durable and resistance to corrosion, the stainless steel is called 18 10 stainless steel. On some dishes that have similar 'the 18 - Ten of the most advanced medical stainless steel '. ·莫- Element of molybdenum, molybdenum elements mainly strengthening of chromium in steel corrosion effect, increase the strength, the oxide and the corrosion resistance of the water is good, keep the blade sharp for a long time, V - Vanadium element, the element vanadium in steel has the ability to acid oxygen, so the vanadium steel with crystallization section is close-grained, make steel has higher strength. Here is a classification method of the steel of different steel grade it contains element and element content is not the same, this has produced different steel has different use, bring out the best in each other. 1. Mild steel - Also known as mild steel, the carbon content is 0. 10% to 0. 30% of low carbon steel is easy to accept all kinds of processing such as forging, welding and cutting, often used in the production chain, rivet, bolts, shaft, etc. 2. Medium carbon steel - The carbon content is 0. 30% to 0. 60%, in order to make weight forgings, axle, rail, etc. 3. High carbon steel - Often called tool steel, the carbon content is 0. 60% to 1. 70%, hardening and tempering. Hammer, crowbar, etc by the carbon content is 0. 75% of the steel manufacturing; Cutting tools such as drill, tap, reamer, etc by the carbon content is 0. 90% to 1. 00% of the steel manufacturing. 4. Alloy steel - Adding other metals such as chrome steel, nickel, tungsten, vanadium, etc. , make some new characteristics. Due to the incorporation of all kinds of alloy elements, alloy steel can be corrosion resistant, heat resistant, wear resistant, shockproof and different properties such as resistance to fatigue. 5. High speed steel - Contains various ingredients and portions, such as tungsten, chromium, vanadium, cobalt and molybdenum, etc. Cutting tools made of HSS, available high speed for cutting hard material, and can bear strong cutting. High speed steel cutting tool in high speed still can keep the blade sharp, other steel may be dull. Here you should be aware that different steel grade is different permutation and combination of elements, the steel grade quality high and low is also depends on the permutation and combination of these elements. Commonly used on the market a lot of kitchen knife is 3 chromium ( Cr element) , 4 chrome, of course, the higher the level of steel prices higher, surely good dao must be expensive. Learn to see the steel, also understand the reason for the difference between the price of kitchen knives. To choose DaoHui has certain help.
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