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by:Ruitai      2020-03-20
Knife is each chef can't escape from work. , in contrast, Japanese is easier than rust and mill, ashkenazi is not easy to rust and relatively good grinding. Kitchen knives dull, chopping vegetables would be difficult, knife, although difficult, but how can not grind kitchen knives? Knife bar is one of the most important tools of ordinary people on the head, in addition to the serrated knife, most ashkenazi and domestic knife can be used under five chromium knife handle bar, the higher hardness of the knife is not, with the bad instead. Whet knife not stick to sharpen, but to make have irregular edge of the blade to alignment, because after each use, the blade will become irregular; Knife stick using the method is: take knife bar on the chopping board with vertical downwards, a knife and knife bar is 20 degrees, hold down to point friction by the knife, the other side, too, can be repeated several times. After the completion of the need to wipe grinding rods and knives. Push-pull type sharpener is the most common type of sharpener, but common is v-shaped double groove, adjustable Angle even if a lot of people also can't operation, it is easy to destroy the original blade Angle. This sharpener is characterized by simple and quick operation, another big disadvantage is that can return to basic sharpness, but not as sharp and original. Above is the knowledge about kitchen knives knife is introduced. Good must be a good knife, kitchen knife 'knife and cut wood workers' only tool grinding good, don't delay cutting wood, shows the importance of the knife.
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