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by:Ruitai      2020-03-21
Small make up the mother is very high demand for chopping vegetables, because it felt to cut good-looking, Fried food can only be good. A successful dishes, not just to have a good material, good cooking, also need to have a good kitchen knives, be short of one cannot. Kitchen knives for any a housewife or a cook, is very important, that how to choose kitchen knives? From these points to choose kitchen knives, can't think right is difficult! A sharp blade, 1. Materials are usually steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, For example, the shell steel) , or ceramic ( Zirconia) Damascus, and so on. Different material determines the cutting tools with different hardness after finished product, so whether can be understood as the hardness, the higher the sharpness? It should be said is not entirely correct, because of a kitchen knife 'fast' still depends on the degree of the blade mouth, softness, etc. Such as ceramic knife usually has higher hardness than stainless steel, but it often found in the process of using the user has not yet been stainless steel knife. This is because the limited by material ceramic blade mouth degree not too small, otherwise it will directly brittle. Ceramic knife has the advantages of no corrosion, of course. Hardness: 3 cr13 & lt; 4Cr13< 5Cr15< 8Cr15< 9 cr15 material of carbon steel & lt; Damascus & lt; Ceramic ( Zirconia) 。 2. Way is divided into edge machine and manual edge so single edge in terms of sharpness, steel hardness is higher, the edge degree, smaller parts down radian is more soft and nonlinear straight edge of a kitchen knife will be more 'quick', better to use, especially a slicing knife. So the same material, the craft of slicing knife sharper than cut in two, this is determined by the edge degree. Second, use comfortable. The handle design for human nature, and is comfortable, the main material with wooden handle, engineering plastics, steel shank etc. , have their own advantages. Generally do better stamping forming a kitchen knife grip with more refined; Traditional forging process of cutting tool with wooden handle, Mostly in the round handle) , now there are some traditional tool manufacturers began to have other kitchen knife handle sales. Three, use safety. The handle to have prevent slippery design, won't hurt to sell user. This needless to say, at least. Above is kitchen knives choose some points, kitchen knives is an indispensable part of our life, if you want to cut the food, cooking, there is no substitute for a proper kitchen knives, try these points to choose kitchen knives from the above introduction, don't think is difficult, right, of course, in addition to cutting tool, the ascension of the most important thing is to cook!
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