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by:Ruitai      2020-03-12
Everybody is good, if you are less at ordinary times at home cooking, don't want to buy several hundred yuan a set of knives, just want to buy several practical kitchen knife used occasionally. Can have a look at this article, small make up to briefly introduce kitchen knives to you, give you recommend a few suitable for kitchen knife to ordinary kitchen knife according to the material points: carbon steel, stainless steel knife, ceramic knife carbon steel knife is easy to rust, when using dry and regular polishing needs in a timely manner. Carbon steel knives of high carbon content, more sharp, when carbon steel blade in a humid environment, water, salt water can lead to oxidation, easy to rust. Japanese cuisine chef is used mostly carbon steel knives, to prevent rust, wipes a knife is a common practice in the cooking. Stainless steel blade is easier to maintain than carbon steel. The high chromium content of stainless steel ( The characteristics of the chromium element which is able to prevent steel rust) , oxidation resistance is strong, is the mainstream of household kitchen knife. Tmall buy password ( Ip8PYT1C3l8) Open taobao santoku knife (copy. 三德) Borrowing from western-style kitchen knife, the Japanese people continuously improved, is Japanese housewives commonly used universal knife, suitable for ordinary cut meat and fruits and vegetables. Santoku knife blade is more round, compared to the Chinese kitchen knife, smaller size, easy to manage, very suitable for girls. It can apply to cut the meat, cut fish, can easily arrange vegetables, used for slicing and dicing, slicing are also very comfortable, one knife is multi-purpose, basically meet the basic needs of the kitchen. Tmall buy password: ( 7 q4byt1fjhm) Open taobao, copy if you want to do plain chicken, occasionally need to cut bone, recommend buying and cutter knife. Also called wenwu knife, cut and cutter knife is the standard of Chinese family kitchen. Generally before cut after cut, blade had about 60% will be thin, is sharp, suitable for cut vegetables, cut the meat; After a period of about 40% micro blade thickness, appropriate to cut bone. Tmall buy password ( IcO4YTc0NDo) Open taobao, copy the fruit knife recommend choosing ceramic knife ceramic knife is to use made of zirconium oxide, high hardness, easy to break. If accidentally fell to the ground, you can consider to change a knife. Ceramic knife will not rust, the weight is only half of ordinary steel blade, light and convenient to use, but is only suitable for cutting soft food, such as vegetables and fruits. Tmall buy password: ( IC4rYTcW6vB) Open taobao, copy the lazy artifact: kitchen kitchen scissors cut why need? Because small to chopped green onion, garlic, chicken, pork, can be cut out, wash dishes of stick, and cut off easily, don't like to use a knife to cut his hand easily. Fresh fish gut, take shrimp line cutting, hand slide. Multi-functional kitchen can cut by second bottle opener, PiQi, nuts, clips, is very nice. Kitchen knife don't necessarily want to buy the most expensive, does not necessarily buy the most beautiful, buy the most suitable for their own is the most important
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