What need to pay attention to kitchen knives in the maintenance process? - Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-16
As a chef, have a good tool is indispensable, in daily life, in your kitchen must also have a handy tool, but some knives are prone to damage, or improper maintenance, so it requires we have knowledge of tool maintenance, below small make up will tell you about the specific matters needing attention in the process of maintenance. 1, we must pay attention to the protection in the process of using the blade, the blade is not suitable for cut, cut, are not suitable for see big bone for some big bone. Running a knife is to disconnect the raw material, the reasonable use of the blade, the cutting resistance, should be timely check the presence of bone residue, otherwise easy to hurt the blade. 2, after use to pay attention to wash the knife with warm water, then put the water on a clean, especially material with cut too salty, because it has a garlic, time grew easily oxidized knife, the knife has a certain corrosive, cha in addition to not in time will affect the service life of cutting tools. 3, for the cutting tool long time need not, should be on both sides of the blade coated with grease, prevent rust, put in the process of the blade on a hard surface. 4, in the process of using props, especially as the tool is passed, it should be the handle towards each other, and the blade down, until after the other party take stabilizing the handle can be let go. Don't play with knives, so easy to produce risk. 5, when after the operation, should be placed among the pier surface, no point, before after not c, and live, the blade should be block surface. That is about kitchen knives in the specific matters needing attention in the process of maintenance. Kitchen knives only constant maintenance, to ensure its sharp, in the course of the next time we use can use. Hope that the introduction of small make up to be.
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