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Do you know more about the stamping knife and forging knife ?

Do you know more about the stamping knife and forging knife ?


Stamping knife

It is simple say that  use a whole piece of large steel plate to punched out a complete knife embryo directly with the punching machine grinding tools  .Then the following heat treatment, surface treatment, polishing,sharpen and other processes after to complete a kitchen knife.The advantages of this technology are high efficiency and the cost   is more advantage, high degree of mechanization, better surface treatment, high degree of standardization, more perfect details. At present supermarket and other market mainstream kitchen knife  are basically this technology knife .

Traditional forging knife

The biggest difference between stamping technology  and traditonal forging  technology of kitchen knife is in the stage of embryo forming .The  forge is to burn a steel embryo to a red-hot state ,repeated hammering (now machine hammering), to shape the initial knife embryo, then sharpen it by hand ,heat treatment, surface treatment and so  on to complete a knife . Compared with the punching and forming stamping kitchen knife, the forging kitchen knife is more dense, the stress distribution of the knife body is more uniform, and the sharpness retention degree is better. The disadvantage is that the production increase is difficult and the cost is high, and the process details are relatively poor.

The difference between the stamping knife and forging knife  is whether the kitchen knife embryo goes through a repeated forging process in a high temperature red-hot state. Compared with cold rolled kitchen knife, the steel of forged kitchen knife is more dense and the stress distribution of knife body is more uniform, which is durable and not easy to crack, etc. The back of the forged kitchen knife is relatively thick, and from the back of the knife to the cutting edge is relatively less regular diagonal type. The blade is not so straight, the arc is softer. Stamping knives is more beautiful than forging  knife ,and the forging knife is heavy , it is not suitbale for woman .Although the overall value of the stamping kitchen knife is not high, it is a durable product.

Stamping kitchen knife are now more popular now. But someone like hand-forged knife, traditional hand-forged knife will be more sharp points, but it will be more difficult to grind it by yourself .


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