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by:Ruitai      2020-03-23
How about watching a knife, ok? A good kitchen knives should have the basic conditions? Small make up to sort out the main points of a few basic ( 1) Handle, the handle design use comfortably, non-slip, blade to strong strong. ( 2) Knife of better material, hardness, hardness in more than 54 degrees of hardness. ( 3) The handle and blade must be on a straight line, and keep the symmetry. Sharp blade, according to the different use function, the geometry of the blade Angle should be different, smaller piece of a knife blade Angle, but must have a clear edge. ( 4) Can't have thrown on blade grinding coarse wire and black wire, pitting area not more than 0. 5 per square millimeter, pitting must not exceed 3, face no hands, smooth. Choose common sense: (cutting tool 1) Look at the two side of the cutting tool, whether level off is bright and clean, and no forging dent. ( 2) According to whether the blade thickness, steel moderate, blade mouth straight instead of curved, look straight blade a black line, no 'can'. ( 3) Owner. on back, cutter, knife with grinding smooth, not black, no burr, don't shake handshandle. ( 4) The handle to install straight, strong, not loose knife straps.
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