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by:Ruitai      2020-03-20
When it comes to the impression of Chinese style kitchen knife we often is boxy knife blade, domestic food and beverage industry has been circulated 'the Chinese kitchen a knife', that is doing the chef is a knife, cut, cut, pat, cutting, shaving, one knife can complete, let people think Chinese food is not exquisite utensils, all by the chef knife work, but that is not the case. The traditional Chinese family is mostly only a knife, may be a piece of a knife, also may be can not only cut the meat, can cut bone 'civil-military knife' again. However, a real Chinese food chef knife like western-style food chef, is also in a wide range of cutting tools. Chinese style kitchen knife, knife, SAN dao, wenwu, filming knife, knife, cut in two, mee knives of various types, such as, number to count. Below small make up for everyone to introduce Chinese style kitchen knife which are frequently used in kitchen knives. Slice blade knife is the butcher of Chinese meal cooking, blade, founder of 5:3 rectangle, who live in commonly 4 mm thickness, according to the size can be roughly divided into large knife, the knife and small piece of a knife. It is mainly used for slice, shred soft ingredients and fine knife handle, can't cut the bone. Is characterized by large knife area, with proper weight, down under the action of gravity acceleration, can greatly improve precision cutting ability, the chef to complete all the cutters and workers. Mulberry mulberry knife knife face a long, flat blade, knife body HeiXia white, to be able to cut the meat chopping vegetables, mainly used for slice, shred, such as soft ingredients, but due to the thin light, unfavorable and chopping, easy to damage. Compared to slice knife knife, the thinner and lighter. Wenwu knife can cut, can cut small bones, again is wenwu, therefore calls 'civil-military knife'. Wenwu knife thicker than piece, also heavier, can cut, can cut, can be scraped, before the cut after cut, seem quite happy, wide blade can grind decades, due to use does not need to constantly change knife, so welcome. And, 'a Chinese chef knife', says that the military dao. Osteotome osteotome, just as its name implies, USES for to cut bone, cutting head is heavy, the blade is blunt, specially take on such heavy work to cut a big bone in the kitchen, in the heavier usely cut bone knife can deal with more bone, function is other kitchen knife can't replace. Treatment is more thick than slicing knife, edge Angle is big also, in order to ensure that won't break down, so the hardness is not too high. To cut the bones, the handle loose once not to use.
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