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by:Ruitai      2020-03-09
Because of sharp safer than blunt to use kitchen knife, kitchen knife in order to ensure the blade sharp and hard, should be periodically knife, the first thing to understand, the role of the sharpener and sharpening rods are different. Whet knife rod can be used to keep the blade sharp, remove fine is not smooth, if the knife is blunt, please use the grindstone. Under the condition of the normal use of a kitchen knife, the blade will not easily visible from blunt, but there will be a slightly curved blade phenomenon, some rolls to the right, some rolls to the left, the 'S' type, this is a symptom of a dull blade, if don't do processing, will become more and more dull, at this moment need to correct the blade with knife sticks. Use knife knife, for safety, correct way is to use left hand holding a knife, right hand take a kitchen knife, blade upward, knife bar don't back and forth on the edge grinding, grinding rods is 20 - contact with the blade Angle 25 degrees, to point the direction of the sweep, under normal circumstances on each side of the blade has two to three times can be sharp, sharpened his chopper is convenient, the characteristics of good and fast.
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