Suit the chef knife should pay attention to maintenance -Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-13
1, cut, cut the meat bone according to different purposes, please use space, the chef knife is unfavorable and cutting, metal, wood, hard objects. 2 and chop bone of touch with blade heel bone, vertical knife. If the bone stuck the blade, should not be at the mercy of shaking, pull out the blade. The correct way is lifted bones with chef knife cut again, until the bones broken. Otherwise, will form the blade broken steel into arc gap, and the improper use, is beyond the scope of the warranty. 3, because the chef knife is used very frequently kitchen hardware products, after each use to wash clean, dry, wipe on the cooking oil, placed ventilated, dry place, away from water and gas channeling, to prevent rust. ( Stainless steel chef knife touch the carbon monoxide gas grasp the macula, should avoid) 。 4, kitchen knife, scissors, rust, can use a piece of sweet potato carefully wipe a few times, then wipe clean with cloth, kitchen knife after rust, dip the chef knife in the water that clean out rice 3 hours, you can go to rust. 5, the chef knife grinding method: knife is blunt, add water at 15 degrees - 20 degrees under number of back and forth on the grindstone grinding Angle can be sharp.
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