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by:Ruitai      2020-03-10
Main consideration when kitchen knife of choose and buy these two aspects - — The blade material and the use of comfort - Sharp blade material decisions in general the higher the hardness of the blade, the more sharp lasting. The blade of the common material is qualitative hardness is from high to low order is as follows: powder steel & gt; VG10( HRC58 - 62).> VG2> 1. 4116 ( HRC54- 58) And 50 crmov15 & gt; 40Cr13> 30Cr13( HRC48- 52) 。 In general, HRC ( Rockwell hardness) Reached 60 + 2, has already stepped into the threshold of the 'hard steel'. However, the higher the hardness, easy to grind the sharp, but also the tender, such knife if wrong use easy to 'crack'; The lower hardness of dao, good toughness, easy to 'the edge', but use for a long time often need to sharpen. - - - - - - Using comfort in Chinese style kitchen, chop fillings such as use longer, if not a good knife grip comfort, can't call it a 'good dao', so the choice of the handle is very important. The handle of the market now there are four major types of more than four handle contrast: 'hollow handle handle modelling can be changeable. 'Head' steel handle is heavy, use feeling is strong. 'Plastic handle' use touch for a long time is bad. 'Wooden' non-slip aspects will be slightly better. Suggested personally try, after all, everyone's different cutting technique used.
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