Kitchen knives materials mainly which a few kinds are there? - Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-15
When it comes to kitchen knife, a lot of people might understand ashkenazi dao with Japanese is more. Japanese kitchen knife is take the route of high hardness, to fear sharp price and rust in this matter; Take is the balance of the course and ashkenazi kitchen knife, two things both hardness and anti-rust, although not outstanding, the sharpness but resistant to build, there is no special treatment. Which a few kinds of domestic kitchen knives are mainly? 1, the martensitic stainless steel ( The 400 series) As has often been mentioned 400 series ( Such as 420, 430, etc. ) And 4 cr13mov refers to the martensitic stainless steel. Compared with another common austenitic stainless steel, its hardness is higher, and magnetism, with good corrosion resistance, no extra attention to rust the problem. But with Japanese VG10 compared to this kind of alloy material, its hardness is still a low level. 2, steel clip to the steel that is to say, the different steel together used as raw materials. But it is not the whole blade, general domestic kitchen knife holder steel is below the blade part adopts high hardness, good steel, and all round is another kind of steel, anti-rust wasn't the Japanese method of steel tower clip to steel, just some regret. Different materials of cutting tool material used is different also. Domestic tool might in some way better than their Japanese dao and DE is, however, but the domestic cutter basically can meet our life needs. If the pursuit of art, the price of that tool will be more expensive, if we can only pursue utility, price will be much cheaper.
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