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by:Ruitai      2020-03-08
In recent years, more and more western-style kitchen utensils and appliances gradually enter our store counter, looking at the a variety of all kinds of cutting tools, basically all dazzled. Today we are going to be about what is western-style kitchen knives cutting tools, what use are they? Chef Knife/Chef Knife, the Chef 's Knife, Kochmesser: is a kind of comprehensive use of the Knife, blade wider, part of the blade for arc, can be used to cut the meat, fish and vegetables. The weight of the Chinese style kitchen is to rely on a knife, cut from top to bottom. Western knife comparatively light, and is cut method, point hardly leave the chopping board, just lift the knife in the second part, like the blade of usage; Or is to pull. Santoku Knife, Santoku Knife, Santokumesser: for cutting meat, vegetables, melons and fruits of all-around Knife. Is the chef knife for the modified version of Oriental, size is smaller than general chef knife, blade part is round, as well as cutting meat, can also be cut fruits and vegetables in the kitchen knife. But the actual use effect is better the knife cut fruits and vegetables, cut the meat. Butcher Knife/multi-purpose Knife Fleischmesser/Utility Knife: a long, sharp blade, used for cutting, cutting, stamping, and carving. Machete Hackmesser: similar to the Chinese kitchen knife, but more thick blade, used to cut bone, frozen meat. Boning Knife Ausbeinmesser/Bonning Knife, blade is very narrow, used to separate the bone and flesh, westerners seldom eats meat with bones, in addition to the hock. Bread Knife Brotmesser/Bread Knife: long blade, blade is serrated, used to cut Bread or other hard soft food, cannot be used to cut the meat or fish, can't cut out flat. Steak Knife Steakmesser/Steak Knife, blade narrow, Knife back straight, curved blade, can smoothly open the meat. Vegetable Knife Gemusemesser/Vegetable Knife: small and light, straight blade, used to peel, cut, cut vegetables. Small knife Spickmesser/Parer: is there a sharp point, can be used to cut vegetables and clean vegetables.
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