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by:Ruitai      2020-03-23
Santoku knife in western-style kitchen knives is also one of the most popular tool used, even in the importance of it in the kitchen of a lot of people even more than once. Since modern times, due to the influence of western culture, Japanese chefs gradually accepted and began to widely used western-style two edges. But in the use of the process of the wheel, they found that the type and weight of the wheel doesn't conform to their physiological characteristics, and according to the different meat, vegetables and fruits and need to use different size of the wheel, although very health, but quite tedious, so he created a size smaller than the wheel, the tip part is round, as well as cutting meat, can also be cut fruits and vegetables in the kitchen knife, santoku, the meaning of 'almighty knife'. Hong Kong and Taiwan at the time of translation santoku, and joined the free translation, will be cut of meat, vegetables, melons and fruits called 'santoku knife, so the translation of' santoku knife '. ( Tip: although they don't like our military knife, cut the meat and cut bone, but still very convenient handling raw meat and vegetables) 。 The origin of the 'santoku knife' is a miniature of the cultural exchange between east and west. Santoku knife is mainly in order to balance the Japanese flat knife and the habit of western-style kitchen knife, lighter weight, and given priority to with cutting, light spirit. Chef's knife is a kind of comprehensive use of the knife, blade wider, part of the blade for arc, can be used to cut the meat, fish and vegetables. The weight of the Chinese style kitchen is to rely on a knife, cut from top to bottom. Western knife comparatively light, and is cut method, point hardly leave the chopping board, just lift the knife in the second part, like the blade of usage, this knife method is used to cut basil, parsley, cilantro, France and other common western spices, most take sense; Another classic art of using saber is used point to pull. In western-style kitchen utensils and appliances, chef knife is the most widely used tool types and can do almost all of the work, is a universal knife. Comprehensive is high, basically a chef knife western-style food most of the work will be finished. The wheel: similar to the western chef knife, is more slender than the chef knife, suitable for processing of meat, so called 'wheel'. In general, the wheel edge curve, would be more than the chef knife straight, that also slightly thin blade. But buy pick, you're likely to get it and the chef's knife, the wheel. Look really super they like from the appearance, in the beginning I thought they were just different names of the same type knife, but observes them still has the big difference, fold together more intuitive: radian from small to large, in turn, is santoku knife blade & lt; The wheel & lt; Chef's knife. Head chef knife is western food cooking, upstanding mainly aims at the cut of meat, especially red meat, and santoku knife is universal. They look so similar, but have different functions.
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