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by:Ruitai      2020-03-08
If you want to learn to cook, have to learn to use a knife! What kind of what kind of vegetable knife, all kinds of knives to balance technique, the Angle of the force, there are exquisite. Today teach everyone how to proper use of a kitchen knife in the kitchen! 1, Chinese style slicer applicable: cut cut cut the meat, fish, vegetables, and other. Cut the spices Slicing knife edge Angle is small, this is done to make itself more sharp knife, blade weight is moderate, head slightly heavier, slicing knife in general is given priority to with cut push and pull back and forth. Method of use: the right hand with a knife, the thumb and index finger grip the blade; In the left hand natural curved bow, knuckles to resist blade; Knife perpendicular with the board to cut down the ingredients. 2 and chop osteotome applies: chop chop, chop fish head, cut chicken, chop osteotome is more thick than slice, the edge Angle is bigger, in order to ensure the blade does not collapse hardness is not too high, after all, just easy to fold, cut osteotome is suitable for cutting bone and the processing of hard, so cut the aim of the treatment is not the pursuit of sharp but beg Mr Abhisit. Cut osteotome handle heavier would be better to use, slant focus on the middle, should choose the handle type solid, when choose the handle loose once appear, it must not be used again. Use method: hold the handle, the left hand holding the raw material; After determine the accurate position of the cutting knife; In the back of the blade, split off quickly left hand left raw material at the same time. 3, fruit knife is applicable to: vegetable, fruit peel, carve patterns or designs on woodwork, cut with cold cuts, etc. Small volume, easy to operate, the blade is thin small resistance, can bite the food itself is not easy to skid, is suitable for cutting the skin with fruits and vegetables, can also be applied to cut the cloves of garlic, leeks, or other materials need precise cutting requirements, the tip can be used to carve patterns or designs on woodwork, capped and invisible from spoiling. Method of use: the right hand with a knife, knife abdomen and raw material is 30 degrees peel; Left hand holding the raw material, with the right hand turn. 4, bread knife is applicable to: micro cutting crusty bread, frozen meat. Toothed edge, and a solid long serrated blade can effortlessly easy to cut into the surface skid and hard skins, neat cut out a beautiful piece. It can also be used to cut the pumpkin, winter melon, watermelon fruit large, such as the skin of the thicker fruits and vegetables, such as micro cold meat, remember not to cut deep frozen, hard meat, so that can avoid the tongue front blade not excessive wear. Method of use: the right hand with a knife, the left hand holding the raw material; Push pull blade cutting raw materials.
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