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by:Ruitai      2020-03-11
Kitchen knives every family has a, but not everyone understand the material of kitchen knives. May be most limited to and understanding of the material of iron, stainless steel, ceramics and so on. Actually this kind of stainless steel material also has a lot of kinds, for the material of stainless steel knife, the lower the carbon content material is soft, but good toughness, easy to edge but not easy to collapse edge, the higher the carbon content material is more hard, rigid, the better, so easy to collapse edge blade but not easy. In addition, the higher hardness, more durable, hardness increase 1, sharp durability can be increased by 20%, this is the ceramic knife can lifetime free ground truth ( But the ceramic knife easily collapse edge) 。 Let's take a look at what types of commonly used. 20 cr13: low-end sword commonly used material, low carbon content, In front of the Numbers on behalf of the carbon content of thousand times than 20, decided to steel strength, the percentage of Cr is 13 behind chrome content, affect the corrosion resistance and durability, sharp old carbon label is standard per mil, such as 2 cr12, 3 cr13) Blade is relatively soft, easy to edge, but Yi Fu grinding. 30 cr13: the most mainstream do knife material, the doctrine of the mean properties, sharp durability is low, when just bought is very sharp, it won't be long before is bad, need to frequently. 40 cr13: domestic mid-range knife material, carbon content is increased, but the overall performance improvement effect is not obvious. 50 cr15mov: domestic high-end knife material, carbon content reached 50, the chromium content has also improved, also joined the molybdenum and vanadium, so no matter from the aspects of hardness and toughness are all had the very big promotion, some world-class brands such as Germany zwilling, WMF basic introduction to mid-range knife with this material. Sharp strong persistence, to enhance the corrosion resistance. Carbon 50 or more basic is steel, so 50 cr15mov became one knife and the watershed of steel knife. Carbon content is more than 50, due to the high hardness, blade is easy to break, in order to solve this problem is usually to do with steel knife, as the name implies, the middle part steel reinforced with high strength ( High carbon high chromium) Materials for the parent metal, two side USES the low carbon material with good toughness, through high temperature composite production. 70 cr17, 80 cr17: sanhe steel steel reinforced material, domestic knife of high-end materials, grinding to can use for a long time at a time. 90 cr18, 90 cr18mov, VG10: domestic knife top materials, and steel series, comparable to zwilling kojiro, cane, observed on the high-end knives in the knife. Neff) focus on the production tools, providing a variety of high-end cutting tools in the custom, diverse styles, quality assurance.
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