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by:Ruitai      2020-03-18
The faster the knife to use more secure - — The layman may sound a little surprised, but for the chef, this is unchangeable truth. Because the knife is fast, can guarantee the cutting speed, followed by cutting is related to the taste and smell of food. Want to kitchen knives have been sharp, knife is necessary, how do the chef knife grinding is good? Use the grindstone advised to choose a mesh ( Unit number of particles, on behalf of the roughness) Medium grindstone, 1000 - 1400 mesh is preferred ( The Numbers will be higher) 。 Grindstone thoroughly soaked in the water first, about 10 minutes, until the bubble disappear. Mat a thick cloth ( Such as towel) Under the whetstone, and then find a 10 - 30 degrees slope Angle, moderately stable pressure and keep the same point of view, control the rhythm, use kitchen knife in the hand of whole rock back and forth. Angle is, the more shallow, grinding out the sharp blade, but hold time is not long; A steep Angle grinded blade more persistent. Japanese knife edge Angle is small, generally with a 15 degree Angle. Blade grinding, outward when back to work, when closed. Applying pressure into the blade grinding, launched, back when the force. Sharpen with knife bar compared to the grindstone, rod won't wear off blade on a large number of metal, but enough to keep cutting tool in daily use sharp state for a longer time. Generally can be used between two regular knife, kitchen knife dull knife bar slowdown. Like to hold the racket hold knife stick, his grip on the knife bar, within all their fingers on the handle part, assure safety. Another hand holding a knife, four fingers holding a knife, the thumb on the knife back. A knife and knife bar about 20 degrees angles, keep grinding rod, the kitchen knife bottom gently with a knife, from down to up, the kitchen knife from the bottom to point along the blade sharpening, both sides of the knife over and over again, can be repeated several times. Of course you also can find a more suitable for their own grip sharpener if you can't with good control of the Angle of the knife handle and dynamics, can also according to their own knife brands and models using brands recommended corresponding sharpener. Beat their swords into grinding mouth, keep on the center of the Angle, back and forth along the arc blade grinding, repeated 3 - general Five times. In order to keep the kitchen knife when using nimble conveniently, sharpen this step is necessary. Sharpen the traditional way is to stick with the grindstone, metal wear can be reduced while maintaining the sharp, and prolongs the service life of cutting tools. So it is important to note that whet knife in order to make sure the sharp degree of kitchen knives.
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