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by:Ruitai      2020-03-21
The Chinese style kitchen knife kitchen knives don't like Japanese dao and western large and small, long, just there are too many kinds. Chinese family tradition is only two of the most commonly used knife: text type main cutting knife cut the meat slice knife, ChiRuanBuChiYing; Wu Shi knife main chop chop bone, soft hard not to eat. Chinese style is also divided into many kinds of different kinds of kitchen knife, big to each cuisine, cantonese cuisine, sichuan cuisine, jiangsu cuisine specifically to Beijing, shandong, northeast, hebei, knife type are also different. But the difference between Chinese style kitchen knife is often reflected in weight, edge Angle, knife back, handle these details, if not to actually use, it is not easy to tell the difference. Chinese kitchen knife relative to the difference between Japanese and western has the top 5: blade width, blade most heaviest a maximum range of movement, most with a knife, tool wear is the largest. Tell from the function, western knife, japanese-style knife as single-use>>>, Chinese dao, more like a multifunctional commando cut, chop, chop, chop, batch and make legendary weapons of China all are available. In terms of performance relative to western knife, single function of Japanese dao, the performance of Chinese dao need to meet the demand of more functions work, and capable of high labor intensity, high wear. Chinese style knife type has two advantages: one is the things that, blade large, garlic, cucumber pat you take a western Japanese knife to clap, even if the weight is same, also is Chinese style knife. 2 it is to shred the slice, section is a finger to resist blade, cutting knife up and down, and requires large blade, knife's center of gravity to be in the middle of the blade works. Chinese style knife cut method is lift blade, rowed a small slash its weight with a knife to cut it. Western knife blade narrow couldn't top and western knife's center of gravity closer to hand, so the use of western knife method is to use point for protection, is actually the ingredients with leverage Zha open. If you look carefully will find that the knife is of Chinese style overall falls and western knife is like the blade of fall. So western knife wire is not good to use, they are in need of a large number of slices shredded, there will be other tools. In cutting, can block west kitchen knife works, here refers to cut large pieces of meat, meat and pork I feel or Chinese style knife works. I will deal with small pieces in west kitchen knife ingredients, flexible. The choice of stainless steel chef knife knife can choose according to their eating habits, Chinese style more convenient piece of wire knife chop stuffing ( Suitable for Chinese food) , western Japanese chef knife light is more suitable for cutting. Suggests a Chinese style knife + western-style kitchen at least Japanese chef knife combination.
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