The comparison of iron and stainless steel kitchen knife chopper -Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-06
First understand a concept, not iron iron dao, but the carbon steel! Because do not contain the elements such as chromium nickel, dark brown. Iron dao just people commonly known as the a image. Easy oxidation of carbon steel does not rust is the main disadvantages, but the blade is very good ( Just two or three the sharpness has obvious difference) , hardness is generally slightly higher than that of stainless steel kitchen knife ( 3 cr13, 4 cr13, 5 cr15mov, etc. ) , combined with the general is the forging forming, the overall toughness are better than the stamping of the stainless steel knife and cutting forming. So carbon steel knife is used to Chinese food more professional kitchen. Use frequency is greater than the family, dao daily grind, so don't wait to rust and sharpen. Stainless steel is mainly in order to beautiful and rust prevention, the blade is relatively difficult to sharpen, and rust resistance is, the less the better knife hardness, both of which are contradictory and unified. Household knife use frequency is very low, Compared to the dining-room kitchen) , most grinding once a week, so beautiful out blade instead not rust is so important. So the decision according to the features of different purposes. But then again, mainly in the kitchen knife relatively humble does not pay attention to the whole. Japanese kitchen knife is almost all carbon steel, but put the chill
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