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by:Ruitai      2020-03-20
Carbon steel knife is a knife to a love-hate relationship, if you know the professional chef, both Europe and the United States and Japan, China, the proportion of using carbon steel knife is very high. Japan, before the introduction of the four hand 堺 filial conduct, original, there is time, hut also mainly carbon steel knife. Due to carbon steel knife basic no chrome or chromium content is very low, so there is no rust resistance of basic, in short, this knife as long as you met some bubble water or juice, is easy to rust, but also because of the high hardness, carbon steel knife is easy to grind the sharpness and cut cut feel is very good, and can be manual forging, therefore become the mainstream of high-end kitchen knife, especially Japanese sushi chef of a profession if still use the willow edge of stainless steel, is a very vulgar thing. So carbon steel knife how to maintain? There are four attention to all of the new contact with carbon steel knife: 1. Frequently use regular scrubbing the so-called regular use, that is, if you buy carbon steel knife, you want to make sure that you are a man who often use a knife to cook every day, instead of three minutes heat feel fun results a month for a meal. With the higher the frequency, mean you more time to check the status of a cutting tool, the more likely to rust is very low. Use at ordinary times proposal for a piece of wet cloth, but with a little detergent, when you're finished cutting, wet cloth to wipe the blade, then water rinse, dry cloth to wipe, such rust probability is low. 2. To oil if it is a long period. this southern humid area, suggested that if not for a period of time, can put a little of oil to save for the blade, using a dedicated dao oil or olive oil, castor bean oil, this unlimited, main purpose is to isolate the damp air, this tool placed over time will not rust. 3. As far as possible avoid to cut fruit high carbon steel knives are cut fruit, because the fruit juice of the metal chemical reaction is fast, especially for carbon steel, such as lemon juice for carbon steel surface oxidation, probably only need 2 - 3 minutes can produce rust, so carbon steel knife don't suggest that we cut fruits and other ingredients with the juice. The humidity is big, the more attention should be paid to rust preventive maintenance, if it is a high grade of this kind of carbon steel knife burning, then need anti-rust paper or moistureproof box tools, such as otherwise once the rust, the blade and regrinding, irreversible kitchen knife permanent damage. 4. Use oil antirust oil antirust so-called, is carbon steel after contact with oil for a long time, surface esterification reaction of a phenomenon. Many experienced cooks are clear, the most obvious one is carbon steel knife cut the meat for a long time later, the surface will form a layer of gorgeous color, blue main lines. Oxidation of the surface has produced certain at this time, but will not produce the iron oxide, harmless to human body, at the same time, the oxide layer can effectively isolate air metal surface contact, played the antirust effect very good, the only lack is will make the blade pale. In a nutshell is carbon steel knife handle some animal fat ingredients, can automatically have the antirust effect, and that's why we see is basic don't wash meat knife but rarely the cause of rust. Above all, to master the above four, carbon steel knife maintenance is not a problem. Japanese kill fish everyday the willow is carbon steel knife blade, blade is the key to maintain skills. Then the following grinding teaching, as a novice can well solve the Japanese kitchen knife especially carbon steel knife grinding technology problems.
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