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by:Ruitai      2020-03-21
It is important to balance the nutrition diet, fish, meat, fruit and vegetables should be reasonable collocation. So when we cook, always have to deal with all kinds of ingredients. Each of the food processing in a different way, choose tools, one-to-one correspondence to use, can get twice the result with half the effort. From the small white to cook, in addition to practice, the choice of a kitchen knife is also very important. There are several kinds of kitchen knife is necessary? ~ the first knife, affirmation is the pillar of the kitchen knife is 'chef knife', commonly known as the kitchen also is our China, but Chinese style kitchen knife can be divided into: mulberry knife, knife, pen knife, cut in two, nine jiangwan, mee knife, make skin dao and duck etc. Eight, and Chinese style kitchen is regular in several of the following four: mulberry knife: rectangular, long and narrow, blade shape thin color usually HeiXia is white, the most light weight and is spoken by the largest number of it, cutting and chopping vegetables can be, but be careful: not to chop bone, because of the tiny slit blade Angle, if cut bone easily jammed the blade leading edge damage. Slicing knife: rectangle, slicing knife than wide, so the name implies is a piece of cutting things to use, use it to cut out the transparent meat ( Similar to function of mulberry knife) , generally, also cannot be used to cut bone ( Also referred to as wen dao) 。 Wenwu knife: rectangle, thicker than the piece of a knife blade thickness, open front Angle is bigger than slicing knife blade, used it to cut cut chicken bone, can also be chopping vegetables, can cut, can cut, can be scraped, modern family most widely used. Cut in two: a rectangle, knife abdomen compared with the first half is outstanding, blade large, thick and heavy, can be used to cut pork ribs, fish head, bone chicken thigh bone, a relatively blunt edge. First ErBaDao, it is small and exquisite fruit knife, used for cutting fruits, vegetables, melons, cut GuaGuoPi, actually, very sharp and very reliable. Blade length 8 - 9 cm, improve my cooking skills, may have a meal to do some dish, kitchen knives to separate element of different material, can ensure the natural ingredients and more health. Big kitchen knife used for meat, and small fruits and vegetables is controlled by the fruit knife. The volume of a fruit knife cannot too big, flexible, lightweight peeled nuclear is easy and convenient. The third may be called dao, although the name with a knife, it is the 'scissors', coupled with a sharp scissors, the basis of the cutting tool are disposed of in the kitchen. Although the scissors is not very big, but reasonable design makes it very useful, can save a lot of energy. In both dry bones, can easily cut open, not to mention, vegetables and cooked meat, functional diversity super durable.
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