Introduce the composition of kitchen knives - manufacturer Yangjiang Yangdong Ruitai Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

by:Ruitai      2020-03-19
Tip: this part is used for food incision and piercing, can also be used to separate objects such as thin paper or film. Segment: front third call segment, the blade can be used to cut soft green vegetables, small shape ingredients, cut the ligament of meat food and cutting chip, etc. Beam: the upper portion of the knife back, is the part of the blade wider. In the process of using tool, in order to ensure the stability of blade used fingers clamping knife beam parts; There are some knife beam department is for the dao garlic. Blade: the middle part of the knife, after cutting head and the area between. Is one of the largest parts when cut cut working strength. After area: a large chef knife heaviest part closest to the hand, when using force is the largest, is often used to cut the hard food, such as chicken leg joints. Beam area: between blade and handle are the beam area of the kitchen knife and chef knife on a large, protect the hand beam area. Tang: this part is usually hidden in the handle, is that part of the blade to handle. Handle: usually made from all kinds of plastic, wood or stainless steel material, let you have a good and comfortable when he held a knife grip is its responsibility. So it is very important. Rivet: generally is inward concave, used to hold the handle and the handle feet; Rivet firmly embedded in the handle, usually can't leave space breeding ground for bacteria.
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