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by:Ruitai      2020-03-17
Speaking of 'santoku knife' a lot of people heard the name is a face of meng X, more people call it 'fruit knife' 'multi-function knife' 'Japanese kitchen knife'. Even a lot of people can't distinguish the chef's knife and santoku knife. Actually not that somebody else chef's knife, but having an affair and the chef's knife. Santoku knife was invented by the island people, Japanese name is 'Santoku bouchou', literally means 'three advantages', for there are two kinds of this interpretation, some people think it is to say, the knife cut can be applicable to cut the meat, fish, can easily arrange vegetables; There are some people think that because it slicing and dicing, slicing are all very good, well, in English and Japanese wikipedia will write a different answer. Whatever the interpretation shows one thing, is this knife is omnipotent knife ( p。 年代。 Although it does not like our military knife, cut the meat and cut bone, but still very convenient handling raw meat and vegetables) 。 When purchasing a selection of kitchen knives, you don't get it and the chef's knife, the wheel. Look from the appearance they really super like, observes they still has a big difference, fold together more intuitive: radian from small to large, in turn, is santoku knife blade & lt; The wheel & lt; Chef's knife. Head chef knife is western food cooking, upstanding mainly aims at the cut of meat, especially red meat, and santoku knife is universal. They look so similar, but the function is different, can appear the result because there is the evolution history of inheritance. Chef's knife is introduced into Japan in the Meiji restoration period, because of the limitation of the natural environment (before this Wild animals co. , LTD. ) The constraints and political doctrine ( After Buddhism spread, the emperor of all sorts of not to eat meat) History, Japan had many times from 'no eating red meat' to 'a total ban on meat' over and over again. So Japan is dealing with all kinds of fish thin blade blade, cut vegetables, but there was no special processing of red meat kitchen knife. But the government began to advocate the Meiji restoration period of meat, beef meat on the table, such as natural need a kitchen knife to the right to food. But because of the different emphasis, according to Japanese French chef knife improved out of the wheel, so the wheel has Japanese chef knife wheel dao back arc flattening down slightly, chef knife blade entire tightened up, this is the biggest difference between them. But kitchen apart from red meat and vegetables, and fish to juggle, for convenience, so the Japanese in the cutting wheel and local dishes, and thin blade, on the basis of improved the santoku knife. It absorbed the wheel blade design, the overall blade curve have been adjusted, make it more convenient use to pull a knife blade and the blade cutting. In front of meat, fish and vegetables, so it have nothing to fear, and the integral design of the blade can adapt to all kinds of methods with the knife, cut the meat, cut vegetables, such as single score, though less wheel or cut food, but wins in the comprehensive use of performance, if the home is only a kitchen knife, it would be a good choice. So get the favour of the Japanese housewives.
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