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by:Ruitai      2020-03-19
Cut in two: blade thicker, applicable to cut pork ribs, chop the chicken and duck skeleton hard food. Chop cutter: front thin blade is sharp, suitable for cutting, slices of meat; A little bit thick in the back of the blade, suitable to cut bone. Bread knife: suitable for cutting, toast, bread, cake, such as west point, cut neatly, not easy to slag. The chef knife: for cutting melon and fruit, vegetables, not the same flesh and blood, bread, sushi, cooked food, etc. Santoku knife: set three kinds of virtue, apply to the meat, fish, vegetables, fruits cut into pieces, such as silk, article, etc. Multi-purpose cutter: light blade, especially suitable for women. Suitable for cooked food, vegetable and melon and fruit, and cooked separately, more health. Steak knife: narrow blade, knife back straight, curved blade, can smoothly open the meat. Small fruit knife, blade, are suitable for all kinds of vegetables and fruit peel, slice and cut wire, etc.
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