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What do you know about kitchen knife?

What do you know about kitchen knife?


First of all- The handle feeling is the first step of the primary experience when you use kitchen knife.
There are 6 factors that affect the handle: handle material, handle structure, all kinds of accessories and the most important overall counterweight. A good knife should have a comfortable handle , It will not affect the normal use for chef .

Second- Shapaness of  knife blade
As we  know that a good  kitchen knife needs Good sharpness . But Not every knife needs to be as sharp as possible 。According to the requirement  of design, the process and  functions are different for each  knife , the requirements for the sharpness of the knife are different as well.
Different stainless steel materials ,  heat treatment process and  use environment have influence on the most suitable sharpness of blade .

Third -Sharpness Retention
 In the process of using, no matter how good the kitchen knife, there will be a certain amount of wear and tear. So here's going to talk about the sharpness retention of the blade .A lot of friends found that the knife was sharp when it started to work.But it's getting less sharp when you use it for a  long time .It is  hard to sharp  as before .
The retention of sharpness depends on the material of steel and the heat treatment process of stainless steel .After a good heat treatment process ,  it is not easy to anneal.The knife blade can still be keep sharp through a grinding ,when we use it for many times.

Fourth - Blade Hardness
The hardness of the kitchen knife is not the higher the better . If the hardness is too high, it is easy to break and collapse, but the hardness is too low and the edge of the knife blade is easy to be turned.

What is the best hardness for  the knife?

Outdoor survival knife- hardness is HRC55-58.

Deba , sashimi knife -hardness is HRC60+.

kitchen knife,hardness is HRC58+.

Fifth -Corrosion resistance
The corrosion resistance of the tool is embodied in the daily anti-rust function. Now the kitchen knife are generally made of carbon steel. We make an electroplating or oxidation layer on the surface of the blade to improve the rust problem of steel.

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