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by:Ruitai      2020-03-16
A lot of people to the understanding of the kitchen knives is a kitchen knife, used to chopping vegetables. Actually kitchen knives is not just used to cut food, types and volume of a kitchen knife don't have much, common and practical knife first: slicing knife, cut knife, serrated knife with a fruit knife, to arrange a novice, the four knife to corresponding all kinds of dishes of the basic requirements. The following will introduce the commonly used kitchen. Slice knife ( Also called wen dao) Feature: thin blade, Swiss, close your hands well, and not overweight. USES: used to handle more meat slice or cut vegetables, such as the basic skills, is absolutely necessary tool in the kitchen. Slicing knife can be used in accordance with the personal habits to choose, the size of the recommended food novice selected when the knife is given priority to with light to use conveniently, not too much, but it is difficult to control. Cut the knife ( Also called wu dao) Features: the blade of thicker, heavier weight. USES: used to chop meat bones and chop chicken, or to live on smashing crab legs hard shells, etc. Panting, crab legs hard shell pressing ingredients with his left hand, right hand holding the handle will live on after leaving, to live on tap to type it into cracks. Or advice unless you are cooking, often need to cut the meat bones, deal with bones, only need spare special marking knife. Average household chop bones and other food processing, can be in when shopping, please butchers chop need to size. On the right side of the knife back for thin slice knife, owner. on back thicker for marking knife on the left. Serrated knife ( Also called steak knife) Features: the blade is serrated, light and convenient. Purpose: in addition to used to cut the steak, had better use a recruit is serrated knife handle broccoli, or broccoli vegetables or peeling, sword with a serrated knife slowly, not easy to slide hand is not easy to hurt yourself. Broccoli, cut method is your left hand with your right thumb and forefinger fasten blade, under the dish stalk knife, conveniently pull skin between thumb up. Wenwu knife features: is the combination of a knife and cut the knife, the blade before fine after thick, both cut the meat, cut and chop the function of bones. Purpose: civil-military front is a knife slicing technique to use, when the need to cut vegetables, use the blade lean forward; Chop bone, after using period of cut knife function, the blade back down force. Fruit knife features: the fruit with the knife need not as large as a watermelon dao and Swiss, size had better give priority to with comfortable and lightweight. Purpose: section, one end of the left hand grasp tangerine, hold the handle, right hand with a knife thumb forefinger non-slip, resist dao back in oblique cutting dao way, separate the fruit and fruit. A lot of people because of the convenience with a kitchen knife and cut fruits, suggested that had better use special fruit knife is relatively clean, also won't let the fruit with the flavor of other ingredients. Ceramic knife ceramic knife with traditional steel knife is the difference on the material, the size of the ceramic knife and model is a piece of a knife, fruit knife, cutter, can be used for slice knife handle a variety of ingredients. Ceramic knife when cleaning without using cleaner, directly with water rinse and wipe dry. The above is about the introduction of the commonly used several kinds of kitchen knives. Kitchen knives is not only a kitchen knife, there are a lot of kinds, for the average person, have a slicing knife is enough, but for like kitchen, grinds only for the use of kitchen knives will be refined. The characteristics of the different situation to choose different cutting tools, it is very important.
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