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by:Ruitai      2020-03-12
Japanese from ancient times to produce knife, samurai sword forging even let China also have to say praise thumbs up. Is commonly used in the kitchen, family, Japan: three knife blade, thin blade, cut vegetables. What's different? Let's have a way to know! First of all, 'the edge' is designed for fish and gave birth to the cutting tool. The habit of eating fish because Japan and China is different, so the most important a knife in the kitchen, is specializing in fish it out of the blade. When it comes to the edge, in fact, different length, thickness, and advocates have different. General tool shop the most recommend female users tend to be 'in the blade', in the length of the blade and the standard of the blade, is five inches ( One inch to 3 cm) , but only the thickness of the blade knife back for half of the blade, although the chop, chop when work is boring, but the weight is lighter, so instead more said hand for female users. Like other small blade, trevally cut, cut, etc. , Mr Cooking seafood special cutting tools, also is in the category. Small blade, trevally cut shorter than the length of the blade at the beginning, so the more light, suitable for small fish. For the elderly grip is inferior to the middle-aged women, keep a blade blade particularly thin but kill convenience features trevally fish slice, should be regarded as the most convenient tool. The blade can be put to use in Japanese food fish, because it to kill the fish, it's really good. Try me cutting through a whole fish, you will know, to do Japanese food of 'three お ろ し' ( Will be around the body and fish bone in the separation, making it a means of ingredients to prepare three parts) And to do well, only the modified santoku chopper ( Suitable for cutting cut fish meat, three party to please the improved chopper) Is no good. Execution that separated the fish bones complete homework, I need to use the blade cut open the stomach, then use point by hand slid open the fishbone, can put the fish was not so hot, but also beautiful. Meet like the fishbone harder fish such as mackerel, the edge of blade and enough thickness can work, for in the pressure to cut off the bone, to kill the fish well. So if you want to eat fish eat well, a projection is absolutely indispensable. There are fish to eat, of course also want to eat food. The Japanese kitchen kitchen knife has two, a chopping vegetables, another cut or food. But to different shapes, use tools are also different. 'Chopping' is slightly thick rectangular kitchen knife, such as carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, Chinese cabbage need some effort to cut things, or need to use the technique such as cut and break at the same time, have to use the chopping. Enough blade thickness can avoid broken, and the weight can also help to cut off the roots like a hard part. 'Thin blade to cut food looks like, but with thin blade, is cut, cut thin filaments. Like Japanese food in the famous 'laurel strip ( か つ ら む き, will be cut into thin green radish continuously open, like a roll of toilet paper, thin and long technology) ', it is need to attach importance to blade to cut thin degrees, so instead of using chopping, thin blade is more suitable. Like a shredded Chinese dish also often need to cut the red, black fungus, shredded ginger, etc. , using the thin blade, can have very good effect. Like chopping are thin blade is a straight line no curvature blade knife, so won't have a problem and when chopping vegetables. This told the front blade attaches great importance to the radian and pointed to the contrary, both are conform to the ingredient characteristics and design tool. Traditional Japanese knives have plenty of other types, such as buckwheat, oolong the special cutter; Sashimi for sashimi cutter and so on. But in Japan the kitchen really cannot lack, is actually a blade and cut vegetables, plus a thin blade most. If you want to buy or custom kitchen knives in Japan, can contact us!
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