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by:Ruitai      2020-03-22
With the progress of human civilization, bronze, iron knives, steel knife, stainless steel knife, even small ceramic knife, these tools have knife in the kitchen of human, with the development of the food culture, from the simple cooking tools, gradually evolved into the household articles for use both use and artistic value. The classification and function of kitchen knife is becoming more and more refined, from an era of a kitchen knife farmland, developed into today's specialized knife combination tool. Knife if negative, the cut is not straight, the fresh not out and taste can't into the wok, gas. Therefore, Confucius said: cut is not straight, not food. ' The importance of visible kitchen knife in food processing. In primitive society, ancient stone, clam shells and animal bones made into various shapes of the knife. Knife can be used as a weapon, but also an indispensable cooking utensils in the life. They use stone, clam shells and animal bones to grinding different shape of cutting tool. Japanese kitchen knife, santoku knife santoku refers to its three advantages or purpose. It is suitable for cutting meat, fish and vegetables ( Some people to understand it to cut the meat, cut the meat, sliced) 。 Santoku is the most common household kitchen knife, which is the most suitable for ordinary people to use the kitchen knife. After the second world war, as a result of rapid economic growth, western food is more and more popular in ordinary families, this has to do with traditional Japanese 'vegetable cutting' and 'wheel' imported from the west and combining the advantages of birth. It is important to note that unless specifically that the vast majority of the knife mold cannot be used to cut the bone, also can't cut frozen meat and other hard objects, and use violent impact action such as chopping block cut garlic also is not very good, With western-style cutting method is good too) , otherwise the blade will easily damaged or destroyed, the more expensive things, the more delicate. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a kind of upscale knife to cut meat and vegetables, and prepare a Chinese style knife to cut the bone. The wheel, chef knife refers to the dao used to cut the beef. Since the Meiji restoration, the Japanese diet, great changes have taken place. In the past, they eat more vegetables and fish, meat became popular at the time. In order to adapt to this change, they also start production is suitable for the western the butcher cut the meat. Showing the name of the chef knife, the knife has a very wide range of USES, is equivalent to the Japanese sander knife position. It is the main force of cut vegetables meat at ordinary times. So you can also choose the wheel as the first kitchen knife. Wheel generally longer than Sande, knives, cutting way is mainly western cutting, cutting knife is for cutting, require longer blade. Name and thin blade, blade thin, sharp. Suitable for cutting, peeling, shredded radish, black bean. But don't touch the bone, otherwise it's easy to scrap. This is a traditional Japanese dao, before the second world war in Japan is very popular in the family, now it make way for the santoku knife. Professional Japanese chefs use it radish slices, can be as thin as paper. Need to point out that traditional Japanese dao type is single side edge, which side is straight, the other side is a Angle. 。 This kind of blade, but not durable, thin blade is no exception. The so-called traditional Japanese dao type, such as blade, blade, etc. , in the history is not long, is likely to be formed at the end of the tokugawa shogunate in the early 19th century, before this, they have very little knife. Chopper is usually a two-edged in the west. Influenced by western and Japanese production of kitchen knife, such as the knife type, mostly as a double edged sword, but the traditional knife type is given priority to with single-side knife. Bilateral a thin knife blade has a special name, called vegetable cutting ( Nakiri) For a similar purpose. Willow blade fish after dealing with the exposure to get two pieces of fish, and then use willow cut fish slice, willow blade knife cut in addition to the fish cannot be used to do other. Willow name from its shape like a willow. Because it is like a flag, so also called is. Positive and calamus in Japanese pronunciation. It is also a single blade, blade thin and long, very sharp. Any knives can cut raw fish, of course, but cut the Japanese sushi request one size fits all, near the knife back cut sushi fall back again, so cut sushi will very smooth and tidy. With a regular knife, it will be power cut, notch is rough, the Japanese feel bad smell, and the taste of this part will not smooth, fresh will escape. In fact, it has certain scientific basis. You can imagine slice of lemon. If the knife is not sharp, can squeeze out a lot of lemon juice, a lot of flavor will disappear. In addition, there are many knife type specially used for cutting frozen meat, Like a saw) Cut, cut the eels, globefish fish, cut the bread ( Such as blade) , buckwheat, etc. , not to introduce one.
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