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by:Ruitai      2020-03-22
With the progress of human civilization, bronze, iron knives, steel knife, stainless steel knife, even small ceramic knife, these tools have knife in the kitchen of human, with the development of the food culture, from the simple cooking tools, gradually evolved into the household articles for use both use and artistic value. The classification and function of kitchen knife is becoming more and more refined, from an era of a kitchen knife farmland, developed into today's specialized knife combination tool. Knife if negative, the cut is not straight, the fresh not out and taste can't into the wok, gas. Therefore, Confucius said: cut is not straight, not food. ' The importance of visible kitchen knife in food processing. In primitive society, ancient stone, clam shells and animal bones made into various shapes of the knife. Knife can be used as a weapon, but also an indispensable cooking utensils in the life. They use stone, clam shells and animal bones to grinding different shape of cutting tool. Western-style kitchen knife, there are a variety of styles, classification is particularly fine. Commonly used Knife has: Chef Knife/Chef Knife, the Chef 's Knife, Kochmesser: western kitchen essential. Shape similar to Japanese wheel, this knife blade wider, part of the blade for arc, can be used to cut the meat, fish and vegetables. Chinese kitchen knife is by the weight of the knife cut from top to bottom. Western knife comparatively light, and point to cut fine ingredients such as vanilla, intermediate used in common ingredients, cutting blade used for cutting thick meat, live for striking nuts, shellfish or small bones, middle plane is used for grinding. Butcher Knife/multi-purpose Knife Fleischmesser/Utility Knife: a long, sharp blade, shaped like a Japanese, but blade is long and narrow, used for cutting, cutting, stamping, and carving. Other common Knife type: boning Knife Ausbeinmesser/Bonning Knife blade is very narrow, it is used to separate the bones and meat, westerners seldom eats meat with bones, in addition to the hock. Bread Knife Brotmesser/Bread Knife blade length, blade is serrated, used to cut Bread or other hard soft food, cannot be used to cut the meat or fish, can't cut out flat. Steak Knife Steakmesser/Steak Knife Steak Knife is a the tableware of western food. Steak knife is more special, it's point is more pointed than general knife, knife tooth larger, mainly because of the steak is relatively difficult to cut, so some steak knife must be sharp, can be more easily cut good steak. Paring knife Tourniermesser/Peeler knife, the inside of the blade, convenient for circular peel fruits and vegetables.
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